April 2021-Bier Factory

It all started in 2000, in Rapperswil-Jona (SG)

Many would call us one of the pioneers of Swiss craft beer because we started soooo long ago.

We do this because it’s a lot of fun playing around with new recipes while perfecting old brews. We also love our labels and our beer.

Come by the brewery Taproom and meet our evolving team. You’re guaranteed to have a great time. …….That´s what the small team at the Brewery based in Rapperswil-JOna (SG) have to say about their brewery.

These great guys produce 5 core range beers, seasonal brews and one-off specials, run their own taproom, host group events and brew beer for the beer lover, bars & restaurants and retail. They focus on high quality ingredients (regional when possible) and aim to make “craft beer” accessible to the masses in Switzerland.

Swiss Brewery Number: 114

Brewers: Philipp Pfrimmer

Website: https://bierfactory.ch/


Bier Factory
Easy IPA

Beer 1


3.75 % Alc.Vol

Our EASY 3.75 IPA is light and refreshes the hell out of you. A very simple and light malt base allows the fruity hops to be the star in this beer. Because of its low alcohol content it’s the perfect beer for any day with the hop character of an IPA

What do you think? Feeling Easy?



Sommer´s Hell Blonde


Sommer´s Hell Blonde – Helles

4.3 % Alc.Vol


This is an easy drinking pale ale, with an IBU of 37. A really refreshing & tasty brew, with hints of grapefruit and citrus.

This beer hits the spot with most foods, such as burgers, fries or steak.


Corporate Monkey

Beer #3

Corporate Monkey- Craft Lager

4.8 % Alc.Vol

Corporate Monkey Craft Lager is a crisp, flavorful lager with balanced hop and malt aromas. No need to drink bad beer after a hard day’s work. Grab a Corporate Monkey instead of a boring industrial lager.


Red Ale

Beer 4


6.5 % Alc.Vol

The OH IPA, India Pale Ale, is true west-coast style hop bomb. Sweet caramel notes harmonize with lots of Cascade, Citra, Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook hops which provide an extraordinary aroma and an intense fruity note.




Belgian Blond Ale

Beer #5


4.8 % Alc.Vol

Wanderlust Swiss Pale Ale makes you yearn for more beer adventures in your life. Once you get a taste, you’ll never want to go back to boring beer. Take a new, refreshing journey down the craft beer trail with us. Wanderlust is a lightly dry-hopped Swiss Pale Ale. It’s super refreshing and easy-drinking – a craft beer with true character for every adventure.