April 2022 – Bier Factory

Established in 2000, most people would call the Bier Factory one of the pioneers of Swiss craft beer because they started over 20 years ago — before IPAs were even a thing in Switzerland. They continue because it’s a lot of fun playing around with new recipes while perfecting old brews. They also love their labels and their beer. They make approachable beer for everyone!

Swiss Brewery Number: 114 (since 2000)

Brewing: Philipp & Gabe

Website: bierfactory.ch


Beer 1


ABV 8.2%

Taking part of a New England IPA base beer, we’ve added an extra step of real coconuts to extract that tropical experience. 



ABV 6.6%

floral | hoppy | futuristic
The future is here: With cryo hops and a new yeast hybrid, we have brewed this freaky IPA. Say hello to AI IPA! The most exciting way to experience progress.


Beer #3

Le Happy Swiss Pale Ale

ABV 4.8%

A beer for everyone! Le Happy is the perfect beer for your next adventure. Light and fruity, mildly bitter, and refreshing.

Beer 4

Blackbier Dry Stout

ABV 5.0%

coffee | bittersweet | campfire
Other black beers don’t compare. Get out the campfire stories, entertain, and sit back to enjoy this roasty, dark stout.


Stallfuchs Red Ale

ABV 5.0%

full flavored | malty | copper red
We worked with Stallbar in Jona to create the perfect malty, copper red after work beer. Enjoy this during your next foxy adventure.



Corporate Monkey Craft Lager

ABV 4.8%

fizzy | easy drinking | light
There’s nothing bad about a super drinkable, light lager. You put in your hours today so get your Corprate Monkey out and reward yourself. Easy to drink.