Swiss Brewery No. 1074, Founded 2017


Dr. Brauwolf was founded in Zurich Switzerland, August 2017, by pharmacist and virologist Dr. Stefan Wolf. Dr. Brauwolf is the first craft brewery to open in the city of Zurich and all the beers are handcrafted, brewed fresh without any additives or preservatives, and are unpasteurised according to the slogan “Fresh Local Craft Beer.” The range of products consists of five core beers plus a unique monthly special – the Craft Beer of the Month (CBM) for the craft beer lovers that like a more adventurous taste. The team works according to tight scientific guidelines, which ensures a high quality craft beer. We are innovating what’s possible with beer and we are always creating a fresh, unique taste for beer lovers. Every Thursday and Friday the brewery opens its doors to the public between 5pm and 8 pm, where customers can enjoy drinks in Dr. Brauwolf’s cosy taproom and also meet with some of the brewers. There are tastings and brewery tours available, where one can experience how, where, and by whom these craft beers are made.

Selected beers (3):

WITBIER, 4.6% Alc.Vol

Belgian-style witbier with coriander and orange peel. This is their lightest beer and the perfect thirst quencher on hot summer days or after exercise. The wheat content of this beer gives it a natural cloudiness, while the added orange peel adds some zest to this refreshing brew.

RED ALE, 4.8% Alc.Vol

Irish-style red or amber ale with extra hops and a scent of caramel. Our Red Ale is a well-balanced ale with a sweet taste from the caramalt that we use and a slightly fruity aftertaste from dry-hopping. The eye-catching copper colour and the smooth taste makes this beer a perfect choice for both light and dark beer drinkers.

I π A, IPA, 6% Alc.Vol

Happy π-day everyone! Some people believe π is the answer to the universe, for us it is just another reason to celebrate beer and science. This year’s I π A is a cold IPA, which is basically German malts fermented warm with a lager yeast, Azzaca, Idaho 7 and mainly falconers flight hops, a blend of Pacific Northwest hops. The name derives from the addition of 3.14…-part water to 1-part grist, which resembles the number π. It’s crisp and clear, has a dank and fruity aroma with some subtle malt character underneath. It has an assertive hop character, flavour throughout and finishes dry and bitter.