December 2020 – Old Hill Brewery

Old Hill brewery, based in Dänikon (ZH), is Swiss Beer Abo´s brewery of the month for December. Brewers, David and Pascal, have been proudly producing kick-ass local beer at the Old Hill Brewery since 2017.

What makes these guys really special? The majority of raw materials are sourced locally. That´s right! The Furttal region provides local hops as well as local barley. Staying true to the craft of brewing; Small batches (300l), artisanal production and heaps of passion for what they do.

These local legends produce a mix of modern & traditioinal beer styles using premium ingredients grown around the corner from where the beer is made.

Swiss Brewery Number: 1016

Brewer: David Kägi & Pascal Good


Employees: 2


Beer 1

India Pale Ale (IPA) – Rowdy Rabbit

4.8% Alc.Vol

A very hoppy top-fermented beer. The hops dominate in this beer. In addition to the strong bitterness, there is also a hint of fruitiness.



Öpfelbier – Brewmaster Boar

4.5% Alc.Vol

The base for Öpfelbier is our light lager beer, supplemented with Otelfinger apple juice. A note of apple juice combined with a light, light beer. Delish!


Beer #3

Helles – Brewmaster Boar

4.3% Alc.Vol

A light but very tasty lager beer. Brewed with 50% Furttaler malt and 100% Furttaler hops. This beer was fermented with Old Hill´s own lager yeast.