February 2022 – Ullr Brewing

Ullr Brewing is located in the heart of Einsiedeln. The brewery was founded in late 2018, and is independently owned and operated by Brian Wilson. Ullr beers are designed and brewed to be easy to drink, yet rich in character. Being hand crafted in small batches, Brian carefully controls the brewing process to maintain clean, balanced flavor profiles.

Brian’s beer range begins with light, easy drinkers that express subtle layers of flavor, and steadily marches towards full flavored, complex brews. Even at the full flavored end of the range, Brian’s goal is not to impress with extremes, but to make interesting beer styles as approachable as possible.

Ullr Brewing distributes to a small list of select restaurants and bars in Kantons Zurich and Schwyz. Additionally, you can always contact Brian directly to visit the brewery, order beers for home delivery and arrange services such as beer tastings, mobile bar service, custom brews and even have hot BBQ wings served with cold beer at your special event.

Swiss Brewery Number: 1043

Brewer: Brian Ullr

Website: https://ullrbier.ch


Beer 1

Hoppy Blonde

ABV 5.3%

A Blonde Lager single hopped with Nelson Sauvin. A touch of Wheat Malt gives it a smooth body that balances citrus, white wine and tropical flavors of this unique hop.


California Common

ABV 5.8%

Hybrid beer style using a unique Lager yeast that ferments at Ale- like temperatures. Northern Brewer hops add a minty
buzz and fruity aroma that balance subtle caramel malt flavor.


Beer #3

Citrus Haze Pale Ale

ABV 5.9%

A clean, crisp and citrusy pale ale fermented with Norwegian Kveik yeast. Oat Flakes and Wheat Malt bond fruity hop flavors together in a light, hazy blanket.

Beer 4

Oatmeal Stout

ABV 5.8%

An Oatmeal Stout with a tiny twist. This medium-bodied beer is slightly hoppier than normal, which brightens
the chocolate and coffee-like malt flavors making it very smooth and drinkable.


Belgian Quadrupel

ABV 9.7%

Strong Belgian style beer with flavors of Plums and malt sweetness. The smooth mouthfeel and warming character make this beer perfect in winter.