Swiss Brewery No. 355, Founded 2019.


Compared to the general history of beer brewing, Brüll!Bier® has only come a short way, because the birth of Brüll!Bier® is not so far back. Started in 2009 by Andy, this brewery creates some fun beers and surprises with their seasonal offerings. Visit them at their brewery or at their remote garden. Check their website for details on locations and hours.

Selected beers (4):

Lycan Lager, 5.4% Alc.Vol

This beer is made on the night of the full moon! 

Taste: Strong nose, full body, light sweetness.
Mixture: Malt
Hops: Medium hop character
Color: Light blond, naturally cloudy
Yeast: Bottom fermented (lager)

Nera Stout, 6% Alc.Vol

Stout, which has only limited to do with the typical English stout: They have increased the carbonation, the alcohol and the taste!

Taste: Typical stout aroma, with light roast and chocolate tendencies.
Mixture: Malt
Hops: Medium
Color: Dark to black, naturally cloudy
Yeast: Top fermented (Ale)

I2PAle Double IPA, 8% Alc,Vol

A beer style which was developed for the English colonies. For the first time, long sea routes could be bridged by a high alcohol and hop content.

Flavor: Strong attack, full-bodied.
Mixture: Malt
Hopping: Very strong hop character with hop nose
Color: Semi-dark, naturally cloudy
Yeast: Top fermented (Ale)

Pale Ale, 4.7% Alc.Vol

An English style of beer. “Easy drinkable”, connoisseurs also call this a TV beer, you can drink it well for an evening without major repercussions. The beer is tasty despite low alcohol and has a good hop nose.

Flavor: Good aftertaste
Mixture: Malt
Hops: Hop character with a pronounced hop nose
Color: Semi-dark, naturally cloudy
Yeast: Top fermented (Ale)