January 2021 – Brüll! Bier

Since 2009, Andres Brüllmann has been brewing his amazing beer in Tagelswangen (ZH). Different types of beer are available to chose from at the Brüll! Beer brewery. Whether Lager, IPA, Weizen or Special beer, something new and innovative is always brewed. If you woul like to try some more, you can order Brüllmann´s delicious beer directly from their brewery website.

If you feel like brewing beer yourself, you can lend Andreas a hand and take part in a brewing “apprentice day“.

Swiss Brewery Number: 355

Brewer: Andres Brüllmann

Website: http://www.bruell-bier.ch/


Beer 1

VELO BIER – Radlager

4.8% Alc.Vol

A really refreshing lager, brewed for all of you Cycling Freaks out there! A great after cycle brew for you and your crew!




DUBBEL XX – Brüll! Bier

6.0% Alc.Vol

A cloudy, malty beer with hints of Caramel.



Beer #3

NERA – Irish Stout

6.0 % Alc.Vol

A cloudy, dark, malty Irish Stout with a roasty, chocolaty taste.