January 2022 – Davoser Craft Beer

The Davos Brewery is one of the youngest and probably the wildest microbrewery in Graubünden. Wild and boisterous was at least the Davoser Wildmannli – a legendary figure from the Bündner mountains – who, according to an old legend, brewed the first beer in Graubünden from mountain grain and was the inspiration for the brewery’s logo. Since 2018, the team with the four Davos veterans Jan, Lukas, Markus and Stephan as well as the brewmaster Hannes has been brewing true beer specialties in Davos.

Swiss Brewery Number: 1179

Website: https://www.davosercraftbeer.ch/

Location: 7270 Davos


Beer 1


ABV 4.6%

A mild, drinkable beer. In addition to tropical fruit notes, woodsy aromas of pine emerge. The unique aroma comes from the hop addition of Citra and Lemon Drop – a tangy beer for thirsty throats.


Pale Ale

ABV 5.6%

A delightful pale ale. Lightly hopped, with a nice balance between hops and malt. Pleasantly spicy, floral aroma with notes of lychees and grapefruit – hopped with the popular hop varieties Amarillo and Cascade.


Beer #3

Red Ale

ABV 5.3%

A wonderfully balanced red ale – nicely malty and at the same time with a pleasant bitterness and spiciness, which comes from the East Kent Golding and Magnum hops.

Beer 4


ABV 5.8%

A powerfully fruity India Pale Ale. The tropical aromas come to the fore wonderfully thanks to a balanced cold hopping with different hop varieties and both citrus and berry aromas are clearly perceptible. The bitterness remains discreetly in the background despite the high IBU (50).


Limited Edition (Cold Mountain Ale)

ABV 5.4%

A dark ale that lives up to its name. Not only the appearance, but also on the pallette this beer impresses with a fine roasted aroma. The beer gets its tart finish from the selected hop varieties Hercules, Columbus and Tradition.