Swiss Brewery No. 1227, Founded 2014.


The Seebueb brewery supplies the Zurisee coast and hinterland. A small team of three produces about 2000 hectoliters per year.

Selected beers (6):

Unikat #2 Rauchbier, 5.4% alc.vol.

This idiosyncratic beer style made from malt smoked over beech wood is typical of the Upper Franconian brewing capital of Bamberg – an actual Bambergerla.

Nordwind Herb Pils, 5.1% alc.vol.

Strongly hoppy bitter in the North German style – and at the same time uh refreshing! Very super!

Plöffsack IPA, 6.1% alk.vol

Bitter and fruity at the same time, our most efficient remedy against dangerous under-hopping!

Pläuschler Weizen, 5.3% alk.vol

This wheat beer with a subtle banana aroma makes a summer day just perfect.

Äquator Heller Bock, 8.1% alk.vol

If it’s too strong, you’re too weak – just right for cold, dark winter evenings.

Sturmfock Porter, 5.8% alk.vol

Raven black, with subtle coffee and chocolate notes. Ideal with mornings, cake, cheese, cigar.