The Kriens brewery is located in the atmospheric surroundings of the former “Teiggi” pasta factory in Kriens. In the brewery, locally brewed regional beer, the MONS, is produced. The Brauwerkstatt mostly brews with local raw materials. In contrast to industrial beers, the beer comes unfiltered and unpasteurised and thus retains all its nutrients. A pleasantly different drinking experience.

With its name, MONS BIER alludes to Kriens’ local mountain and its Latin name, Mons fractus (the broken mountain). The dragon in the logo and its legends belong to Pilatus – just like hops belong to malt.

Swiss Brewery Number: 1206

Brewers: Peter Fuchs & Dany Marty

Website: https://www.brauwerkstatt-kriens.ch/



Beer 1


5.0 % Alc.Vol

MONS Gold has a light golden color just like barley. MONS GOLD has a slight cloudiness due to long, cold aging. The dense, firm foam crowns the beer with a fine perlage. In terms of smell, MONS GOLD impresses with its clear, fruity, malty and gently herbaceous notes. This “golden” experience is rounded off with a fine & slightly dry finish.





5.4 % Alc.Vol

This RED ALE has a fruity aroma with a hint of red fruits. Delicious caramel malt notes rise seductively into your nose with every sip. When enjoying this red gem, you will appreciate its slim body combined with a fruity, full-bodied malty taste.





Beer #3


5.2 % Alc.Vol

This is a tasty, fresh PALE ALE made from from sustainable production, brewed with Citra aroma hops. The tropical hop aroma impresses with a balanced malt body. Due to a long and cold ripening process as well as the dry- hopping, the MONS PUR shows a slight cloudiness. PUR, the beer for the conscious and connoisseur.