June Brew of the Month: Simmentaler Braumanufaktur

About Simmentaler Braumanufaktur

Brewery #590, Simmentaler Braumanufaktur, was founded in 2007 and is located in Simmental, Switzerland. Known for their high-quality and artisanal brews, Simmentaler Braumanufaktur combines traditional brewing techniques with a passion for innovation to create distinctive and flavorful beers. The brewery emphasizes local ingredients and sustainable practices, contributing to the rich beer culture of the region. For more details, visit

Simmentaler Braumanufaktur (http://simmentalerbier.ch/)

Featured Beers

Simmentaler Lager

A classic lager with a balanced malt profile and a hint of hop bitterness, offering a smooth and refreshing taste. Perfect for any occasion.

Alcohol content: 4.7% ABV

Untappd score: 3.6/5

Simmentaler Märzen

This Märzen showcases a rich amber color with malty sweetness and a slight caramel note, balanced by a mild hop bitterness. Ideal for those who enjoy traditional German-style beers.

Alcohol content: 5.0% ABV

Untappd score: 3.7/5

Simmentaler Mountain Pale Ale

A refreshing pale ale with bright citrus and floral hop aromas, complemented by a balanced malt backbone. Perfect for mountain adventures and relaxing evenings.

Alcohol content: 5.3% ABV

Untappd score: 3.8/5

Simmentaler Bergweizen

This wheat beer offers a cloudy appearance with notes of banana and clove, typical of the style. It’s smooth and slightly sweet, making it a great choice for warm days.

Alcohol content: 5.8% ABV

Untappd score: 3.7/5

Simmentaler Mango Mountain Wheat Ale

An innovative twist on the traditional wheat beer, infused with natural mango flavors. This beer is fruity, refreshing, and perfect for summer.

Alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Untappd score: 3.8/5

Simmentaler Jubilager

A special lager brewed to celebrate milestones, offering a rich and complex flavor profile with a balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness.

Alcohol content: 4.2% ABV

Untappd score: 3.9/5