March 2022 – Kitchen Brew

Gripped by the tremendous development of the North American craft beer world over the past decades, Fabian Ehinger created his first own recipes on a 25-liter small-scale system in a vacant kitchen in downtown Basel in 2012 after a trip to North America that lasted several months.

Kitchen Brew. After three years of guest brewing in the near and far vicinity of Basel, KITCHEN BREW opened its own microbrewery in November 2016 in Allschwil near Basel. With “a lot of heart and soul instead of hectoliters,” KITCHEN BREW has been brewing exciting beer styles from a wide variety of beer cultures around the world since day one, creating versatile, full-bodied, highly aromatic, but always balanced and approachable beers for every beer lover.

Brewing crew since 2016: Tobias Hoffmann (Head Brewer) and Zach Gehret (Brewer). Visit the brewery: every Wednesday from 5 to 10 p.m. at Pizza, Beer & Good People.

Swiss Brewery Number: 954 (since 2013)

Brewing: Tobias Hoffmann (Head Brewer) and Zach Gehret (Brewer)



Beer 1

Everyday Blond

ABV 5.2%

The mild, fruity light KITCHEN BREW for any occasion. A Blond Ale mildly hopped. Light wheat malt gives a lot of fineness, the hop variety Mandarina Bavaria a fine aromatic fruitiness. Filtered. Cheekily drinkable, easy drinking.


Wheat Ale

ABV 5.5%

The fruity Belgian-style wheat beer. The Belgian yeast type and Mandarina Bavaria hops give a lot of fruitiness. Unfiltered.


Beer #3

Session IPA

ABV 4.5%

The light interpretation of an IPA. Surprisingly rich malty body for a light beer. Golden. Pleasant bitterness, spicy-fruity, West Coast style. Unfiltered.

Beer 4

Milk Stout

ABV 6.5%

The pleasantly slightly sweet interpretation of a stout. Brewed with lactose today, it was common in 19th century England to brew stouts with milk as well, which helped them to be less dry. Dark brown. Unfiltered.


India Dark Ale

ABV 6.5%

The dark interpretation of an IPA. Impressive interplay of roasted aromas and hop notes. Nice roasted aromas, pleasant bitterness, hop-spicy. Dark brown. Unfiltered.




ABV 7.8%

Real West Coast IPA History. On the high end of a classic IPA, on the low end of a double IPA. IPADIPA. Tremendous interplay of malt and hops, sweetness and bitterness. Strong spicy-fruity. Amber color. Unfiltered.