Amiamo a dismisura la birra – We love beers to the excess!

Since 2012, they produce in South-Ticino, craft made beer because they firmly believe that beer lovers are entitled to a wide beer choice, and a unique experience for their taste and emotions.

Stefano, Davide and Curzio brew and enjoy sharing their beer creations not only in Ticino but all-over Switzerland joining festivals, various events and collaborative projects.

In 2022 the small brewery will celebrate the 10th anniversary so new products will be presented, like the anniversary beer that will be released in summer and a cheese made with regional milk by a local cheese producer and wisely refined with MóMò’s beer.

Swiss Brewery Number: 494 (since 2012)

Brewing: Stefano, Davide and Curzio



Beer 1

La Perla Gold

ABV 4.4%

Fresh, very drinkable and pleasantly aromatic. The addition of pleasant spicy hops with floral and aromatic notes (flowery meadow, mint, quince), such as the noble Bavarian malts, give the beer fine aromas and a beautiful golden color.


494 – Blonde

ABV 4.9%

A MÓMÒ reinterpretation of the classic Pilsner style beer with high fermentation yeasts and the original Czech Saaz hops. Bright straw-yellow color, lively and decently bitter, characterized by scents of lime and pine.


Beer #3

Ottavo Nano – Amber Ale

ABV 6.5%

A coppery beer, “amber ale” style, with hints of caramelized malt. The robust presence of aromatic hops makes the beer very pleasant to the palate, slightly spicy and floral. With a strong taste, marked freshness, so much appreciated by the MÓMÒ community.

Beer 4

La Marina – IPA

ABV 7.0%

A fruity beer with a lively character. Very tasty and moderately bitter thanks to the skillful infusion in multiple steps of various hops, which release finest fragrances with hints of passion fruit and apricot.


Domino – Porter

ABV 6.5%

Dark and proud beer, Porter type with hazelnut colored foam. Nowadays even for the most refined palates, at the time thought full-bodied and nutritious for longshoremen. Hence the recipe for a complex intense beer. The toast blends with the bitter aromas, creating flavors of licorice, coffee and cocoa.



Brütish – Citra Pale Ale

ABV 4.1%

This Pale Ale, brewed with «pale» malt, is a bright and brilliant yellow. It is low in alcohol and very fragrant, reminiscent of the fragrances of citrus fruits and pineapple.
Ideal as an aperitif, it perfectly accompanies appetizers, cold dishes based on white meat and rich salads. Enjoy this specialty in the company of your friends!