May Brew of the Month: LägereBräu

Brewery #176, LägereBräu, was founded in 2003 and is located in Wettingen, Switzerland. Known for their high-quality and innovative brews, LägereBräu combines traditional brewing techniques with modern flavors to create distinctive and flavorful beers. The brewery prides itself on sustainability and community engagement, offering tours and events at their charming BierAtelier and BierGarten. For more details, visit

LägereBräu (

Featured Beers

ORIGINAL / Zwickelbier

A traditional Zwickelbier with a balanced malt sweetness and subtle hop bitterness, offering a smooth and refreshing experience.

Alcohol content: 5.2% ABV

Untappd score: 3.5/5

LAGER / Hell

This light lager is crisp and clean, with a gentle malt sweetness and a refreshing finish, perfect for any occasion.

Alcohol content: 4.8% ABV

Untappd score: 3.4/5

STELLA MARIS / Amber Lager

An amber lager with rich malt flavors and a hint of caramel, balanced by a mild hop bitterness.

Alcohol content: 5.3% ABV

Untappd score: 3.6/5

CITRA / Pils

A refreshing pilsner with a pronounced citrus hop character, balanced by a crisp malt backbone.

Alcohol content: 4.9% ABV

Untappd score: 3.7/5

EL DORADO / India Pale Ale

This IPA features bold tropical fruit aromas and flavors, balanced by a strong hop bitterness and a smooth malt profile.

Alcohol content: 6.5% ABV

Untappd score: 3.8/5


A seasonal specialty beer that varies throughout the year, offering unique and innovative flavors.

Alcohol content: varies