November 2021 – Bachweg Brewing

Bachweg Brewing is a boutique brewery located in the heart of the old town in Zug, Switzerland. The owners are true craft beer enthusiasts. The founders decided that they wanted to bring the taste and flavor of the beer they missed from North America to their home here in Switzerland. They brewed the first batches for themselves in 2013, made some mistakes, but kept at it until they got it right.  The first official batches of Bachweg Brewing were brewed in 2015. Since then, thousands of beers have been brewed and enjoyed.

Swiss Brewery Number: 733


Location: 6300 Zug


Beer 1

Copacabana – New England IPA

ABV 6.1% IBU 16.2 EBC 9.5

Number 3 of our Experimental Series marries together the smooth, fruitiness of a New England IPA with the tropical tang of the finest Brazilian Maracuja (Passionfruit)! Get ready to put on sequins and shake a tail feather with a stranger, Carnival is here!


Dead Peter – APA

ABV 5.4% EBC 18.1 IBU 37

This beer is, make no mistake, a great American Pale Ale that’s gonna quench your thirst. With a clean crisp bitterness and hoppy floral bouquet from specially selected American hop varieties it delivers a citrusy, slightly malty, fantastic taste with some light notes of grapefruit. Color is pale gold, or maybe a light copper is a better explanation.


Beer #3

Strawberry Fields – strawberry blond

ABV 4.5% EBC 13 IBU 15

Craving something lighter as the days lengthen and warm up? Kick back by the BBQ with our Strawberry Blonde. A clean, fruity ale with just a hint (we promise) of strawberry. Because Blondes really do have more fun!

Beer 4

Czech your Kolin – a Zuger Blonde

ABV 4.5% EBC 6 IBU 37

In the Bohemian pilsner style a light, crispy hopped lager with a golden color and good structure.


David Hasselhop – West Coast IPA

ABV 6.1% EBC 18.2 IBU 40

The hop just got better with this delicious delight. A true taste of California’s beach life. Gear up and be rescued from the undertow with this babes light but full figured malty buoy and swept away by a riptide of citrusy hops. A beer ready for every moment. Surfing, hot bodies, beautiful sunsets; with the Hasselhop anything can happen. Either way it’s bound to be an experience you’ll never forget!

Beer #6

Blue my Load – blueberry pale ale

ABV 5% EBC 13.7 IBU 34

A heavenly match between malt and blueberry. Color is on the lighter to medium side with a blue tint that can be from slightly hazy to clear with time. Aroma is malty with a splash of blueberry hills. Hops help to spice things up, bringing fruitiness forward. Taste excites the body & soul, a hint of blueberry goodness with a balanced malty aftertaste.