September 2021 – Landskroner Bräu

Landskroner Bräu is an up-and-coming craft beer brewery in the Leimen Valley.

With their high quality beers they know how to inspire every man as well as every woman. They distribute exclusively unfiltered beers, as this is the only way to ensure that all flavor components are preserved in the beer. What results is a unique experience of a wonderful craft beer from the region.

Four main varieties as well as regularly changing specialties are offered throughout Switzerland via their online store.


Swiss Brewery Number: 568


Hoppy Summer Ale



5.2% Alc.Vol

The classic in the range is characterized by its particularly fresh taste. Brewed with four different types of malt, the result is a noble and at the same time quaffable beer.

Pilsner malt is used as the base malt, which explains the wonderfully blonde color.

Hallertauer Tradition is used as the bittering hop and Saazer as the aroma hop, which provides a fine, floral aroma. The use of a mild, very pure bottom-fermenting yeast creates a lager that stands out from the leading beer brands in terms of taste.

Pale Ale


Brunette – Dark Lager

5.0% Alc.Vol

This dark beer shines with its full-bodied aroma, which is created by the addition of five selected malts. In addition to the normal brewing malts, caramel malts and roasted malts are added.

During the boiling process, the two hop varieties Hallertauer Perle and East Kent Goldings are added. The latter is considered the “king of English hops” due to its fine aroma.

The result is a wonderfully complex aroma.



Beer #3

Pale Ale

5.4% Alc.Vol

The amber-colored Pale Ale impresses with typical notes of American aroma hops. A variation of four different hop varieties is used: Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade and Ahtanum.

Light caramel notes from the addition of special malts (Carahell and Carared) round out the beer both taste-wise and visually.





White IPA – India Pale Ale

6.2% Alc.Vol

This creative product represents an interplay of an American India Pale Ale with a Belgian Witbier (Bière blanche). Hopped like an IPA (44 IBU), fermented with a Wit yeast.

Pronounced hop aromas (citrus, orange, grapefruit) from the addition of four matched hops (Chinook, Summit, Amarillo, Ahtanum) characterize the appearance. Lingering bitter sensation in the finish.

With an original wort of 15.2 ° Plato results in a full body, which is refined by the addition of wheat Caramalz. The beer is refined by coriander seeds and curaçao orange peel.




PFeffer Wit

5.0% Alc.Vol

A Witbier – or “Bière blanche” – is an old Belgian beer specialty with wheat content. Often the raw wheat is used, i.e. unmalted wheat grain. Together with the use of spices, this results in the typical tangy, fruity taste.

The Landskroner Pfeffer Wit is based on a typical Witbier recipe with Curacao orange peel and coriander seeds. To get an even more exciting and creative product, they added two premium pepper varieties: Rosé and Timut pepper. Adding them twice (once during hop boiling and once in the fermentation tank) creates an exquisite pepper aroma that finishes slightly fruity and sparkling, harmonizing with the coriander and orange flavors. The lean body and effervescence makes for very good drinkability!



Beer #6

Choco-Vanilla Porter

5.8% Alc.Vol

Four different malts, including Munich Malt Type 2, Carared and Carafa Special III lead to a strong body with the finest roasted malt aroma. The addition of cocoa nibs and vanilla extract create wonderful notes of chocolate and vanilla.

After fermentation in the tank, a second fermentation in the bottle was done by vanilla sugar. As a result, there is a pleasant effervescence, as well as a high alcohol content.