Swiss Beer Abo February 2021-Thun Bier

Brauerei Thun AG was founded by local “Thuners”, who produce handcrafted craft beer of high quality and variety. The brewery is locally anchored in Thun and the immediate region thanks to a wide range of shareholders. With focus on the honest art of brewing, Thun Bier produces high-quality and emotional products that claim to be among the best of their kind in Switzerland. As the largest and most important brewery in the Thun region, the brewery continues to grow, celebrating the the last century´s traditions of brewing.

The products of Brauerei Thun AG combine the honest art of brewing, the highest quality, local roots, joie de vivre and high entrepreneurial and ethical standards. The shareholders of Brauerei Thun AG actively support the the brewery´s  values ​​and form an important network in the Thun region.


Swiss Brewery Number: 1139

Brewer: Susanne Lutz, Bruno Stoller & Michael McGarty




Beer 1


4.7 % Alc.Vol

Sometimes you’re just thirsty. This top-fermented beer was brewed according to the old methods used in Cologne. This uncomplicated blonde beer is very sweet and easy to drink.

The “Helles” is a perfect thirst quencher and goes well with rustic home-style cooking.


pale ale


Pale Ale

5.4 % Alc.Vol

We brewed our pale ale, the classic American way. Fruity notes of grapefruit, mango, lime and litchi find their way into your nose. Fresh and balanced bitterness

This pale ale goes particularly well with an aperitif or grilled food



Beer #3

Amber Ale

5.4 % Alc.Vol

 This amber-colored American Amber Ale is a more than drinkable beer that has a good balance between malt and hops.

The Amber Ale goes well with barbecues and as an exciting after-work beer.