Swiss Brewery No. 114, Founded 2000


This great team produces 5 core range beers, seasonal brews and one-off specials, run their own taproom, host group events and brew beer for the beer lover, bars & restaurants and retail. They focus on high quality ingredients and aim to make craft beer accessible to the masses in Switzerland.

Selected beers:

Winter Wiener 6.4% Alc.Vol

This beer boasts a rich base of wiener malts, imparting a smooth and slightly toasty character. The hops selected adds a delightful blend of floral, citrus, and piney notes, creating a well-balanced and flavorful beer with a hint of caramel sweetness.

Mosaic Single Hop Pale Ale 4.7% Alc.Vol

Mosaic is a dynamic hop with a complex flavor and aroma profile that includes scents of blueberry and tropical fruits, as well as notes of citrus, grass, pine, spice, tangerine, papaya, rose, earthy tones, floral blossoms, and even bubble gum. Try it in an IPA and experience its full range of flavors and aromas.

Atemlos Double IPA 9.0% Alc.Vol

This one is out of this world! Tropical super hoppy notes pour through the alcohol burst. No need to come up for air. Atemlos takes your breathe away–in a good way.

Lucky Lager 4.4% Alc. Vol

This uncomlicated, craft lager beer is the go-to for every occasion. If you want to have a new experience, increase the beer’s acidity with a slice of lime and you’ll instantly feel as if you’re on a tropical vacation.

Stallspatz Spezial Hell, 5.2% Alc.Vol

For the exceptionally thirsty moments in life – the sparrows whistle it from the rooftops! Developed with their friends from the Stall Bar Jona.

Stallfuchs Red Ale, 5.0% Alc.Vol

The perfect malty, copper red after work beer. Enjoy this during your next foxy adventure.