Swiss Brewery No. 809, Founded 2016


BRAUSYNDIKAT – Hand brewed in small quantities
Since 2015 they have been brewing, by hand and in small quantities, beer with character and taste. They use only natural ingredients without additives. Collaboration with other craft breweries shapes their syndicate spirit. Beer is their passion.

Selected beers (5):

1. Draft 4.7% Alc.Vol

A particularly mild, tangy and refreshing lager. Unique in taste, a pleasure for every beer lover.

2. Pale Ale 5.9% Alc.Vol

This Pub Ale convinces with strong malt notes and fruity hop aromas. An “All Day Beer”!

3. India Pale Ale 6.5% Alc.Vol

The intense Citra hop flavor of this West Coast IPA is rounded out by a full-bodied malt body.

4. Red Ale 5.8% Alc.Vol

The ideal accompaniment to food. Balanced malt body paired with exoticism from six different aroma hops.

5. Funky Funky – Hybrid Lager – Small Batch 3.8% Alc.Vol

The people behind Budapest-based brewery Mad Scientist call themselves mad scientists quite voluntarily, expressing their passion for experimentation. This concept has earned them a good reputation in the international beer scene: Mad Scientist’s creations are drunk all over the world and the brewers have been guests in all corners of the globe for collaborations. In April, they brewed a Hoppy Hybrid Lager together with the Hungarians at their Dietikon brewery. 

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