August 2022 – AhoiHill



Ahoi Bier has been active on the beer market since 2011. In Schlieren they produced their beers in small quantities. After ten years in Schlieren, it’s now over in Limmattal because their brewery is being demolished. Ahoi Bier was able to make a name for itself with its quality and wide variety of beers. The two brothers Markus “Kusi” and Dominik Friederich and Lukas Spühler are known in the scene as tinkerers. Thus, they designed and built the brewing equipment themselves. For ten years, they brewed and tinkered in the smallest possible space in their own garage. Their beers have already won numerous awards and prizes.


Old Hill Brewery was launched in 2017. Pascal Good, David Kägi, Raphi Lötscher and Tino Eggenschwiler have focused on regional ingredients from the Furt Valley. The hops come from Dällikon and the malting barley is grown in Dänikon. The beers were brewed in small quantities at Hauptstrasse 28 in Dänikon and distributed in the Furttal and online. After three years and steady growth, they left Dänikon at the end of 2021 to increase production in Otelfingen. The ingredients continue to come mostly from the Furttal.

Swiss Brewery Number: 1016 (Since 2013)



Beer 1


Alc.Vol 4.3%

Brewed with 100% Furttaler malt and 100% Furttaler hops. This beer was fermented with a lager yeast.

Beer 2

Pale Ale

Alc.Vol 5.5%

A drinkable, hoppy Pale Ale.
Citrusy hop flavor paired with a nice malt body.


Beer #3


Alc.Vol 5.8%

The Belgian yeast strain from an old monastery
brings its fruity notes to the beer.
Traditionally brewed with coriander seeds and Belgian Candis syrup.