Swiss Brewery No. 427, Founded 2011


Since 2011 are the Sudwerk (Sudwerk: der Sud und das Handwerk) brewed in the industrial quarter in Pfäffikon ZH. All their beers are hand brewed on an English brewing equipment. Their unique English MarisOtter Malt from Warminster Maltings UK gives their Ales and beers this subtle and wide palette of flavor. There classic are English/American Ales, however as there is so much more to explore the selection of beers gives you an idea with what we have fun with at the moment. Enjoy!

Selected beers (6):

1. SummerDelight Summer IPA 4.8% Alc.Vol

Easy drinking Summer IPA with the lovely refreshing Mosaic hop.

2. ReedsGreenIPA SmoothIPA 6.4% Alc.Vol

An IPA in-between the Sudwerk „Summit“ (with Cascade hop) and the CJParker(with the Citra/Mosaic hops); you will pick up a light aroma of Grapefruit and Mango; smooth and silky finish from the first to the last sip.

3. WesternRider PaleAle 5% Alc.Vol

English MarisOtter malt gives this beer its perfect malty note. A beer with character.

4. ReedsRedAle Irish RedAle 4.8% Alc.Vol

A classic making of an Irish classic; a nice sweet malty note that pronounces the style of this beer; easy drinkable.

5. ReedsWIT Belgian WIT 4.4% Alc.Vol

The beer; that has ‚Non-beer-drinkers‘ beginning to love beer. Refreshing and slightly fruity.

6. RaRaRasputin RaspberryAle 4.8% Alc.Vol

Not sweet however ideal and easy drinking in summer season.

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