December 2021 – Barfuss Brauerei

Say hello to Brian and Karin – the duo from Barfuss Brauerei. 
They started out with a little home-brew kit in 2002 and then went on to bigger and better 60 liter system shortly after. After that, they upgraded to a 600 liter system and are creating some really interesting seasonal and special release beers. Stop by and say hello to them if you’re ever in Thurgau. Check out their communication and blog online:

Swiss Brewery Number: 630


Location: 9514 Wuppenau


Beer 1

Hill Billy – Helles

ABV 5.1%

A light, tangy ale that pairs just the right amount of sweetness with fresh citrus.
Pairing: Great thirst, light salads, chicken, fish.


Sleeping Bear  – Amber Ale

ABV 6.2%

A top-fermented beer with a rich caramel malt flavor and a light floral citrus note.
Pairings: Chicken, seafood, burgers. spicy dishes, pasta, pizza, gingerbread.


Beer #3

Secret Service  – IPA

ABV 6.7%

A single hop IPA with Cascade hops and a round hop and malt bouquet. A balanced blend of hop aromatics, bitterness and fruit notes.
Pair with: burgers, chili, curry, Asian dishes, chili.

Beer 4

Black Monkey – Stout

ABV 6.8%

A dark, full-bodied beer, with beautiful roasted notes which reminds of dark chocolate and coffee in the finish.
Pairing: Heavy and well-seasoned dishes, dark chocolate and blue cheese.


Nordhaus  – Whiskey Vanilla Porter

ABV 6%

A dark beer brewed with vanilla beans and whiskey, which gives this beer its unique aroma. A porter with a rounded flavor and a velvety finish.
Pairings: Beef, burgers, BBQ, soft cheeses, chocolate, dessert.


Beer #6

Nolle – Lager

ABV 5%

A malt-accented, wonderfully light lager. Light color, fine foam, tangy and a little sweet, this beer is a thirst quencher. Goes well with: thirst, after work, light grills and salads.