Swiss Brewery No. 688, Founded 2015


It all began with a trip through the USA. They were fascinated by the diverse beer culture and started brewing beer in their cellar. The more they brewed, the more their passion for beer and interest in the art of brewing grew.

As Bülach didn’t yet have its own brewery and the people of Bülach really enjoy a good beer, they decided to take care of the town’s beer supply from then on.

This is how St. Laurentius Craft Beer GmbH came into being, which was able to finance itself in 2015 thanks to successful crowdfunding. To their delight, the planned supply volume had to be increased very quickly.

They have been a public limited company since 2019 and were able to acquire a counter-pressure bottling plant thanks to the investors. This makes the bottling process much easier and they are more flexible and faster in terms of delivery.

In June 2020, they were able to open their big dream – a real BrewPub – next to the brewery site. Their guests can dine and drink with a direct view of the tanks or meet up with beer friends in the large beer garden on the terrace. It is an ideal extension of the brewery and rounds off the craft beer experience.

They now brew on a 1000-liter brewhouse and fill almost 160,000 liters of beer in bottles, cans and kegs every year.

Selected beers:

Pale Ale 5.6% Alc.Vol

For beer lovers with a versatile taste. A delicate balance between hops, malt, bitterness and sweetness.

Red Ale 5.8% Alc.Vol

A refreshing, copper-red ale with malty caramel notes and a spicy hop aroma.

Ostsee Pills / Jakob’s 5.0% Alc.Vol

Crisp, lager in a hoppy pils style. Great with not too heavy of a meal.

Blutorangen Weizen 5% Alc. Vol

Refreshing blood orange wheat beer with a belgian twist.

Vanilla Oatmeal Stout 6.2% Alc.Vol

A dark, smooth and aromatic ale with delicate vanilla notes.

Mandarinli West Coast IPA, 6.0% Alc.Vol

West Coast Style IPA with ALOT of tangerine puree and a dry IPA base with Mandarina Bavaria Hops! Enjoy!