Swiss Brewery No. 630, Founded 2014



A family business from Thurgau. They have been brewing beer for 20 years and since 2014 they have been sharing their passion for tasty beer with the public.

It all started with a beer brewing kit, which Karin gave to her husband Bryan for Christmas.
Bryan comes from Grand Rapids, Beer City USA. When he came to Switzerland in 2002, he was not satisfied with the beer variety.

That’s why Karin thought: “Make your own selection”.

What started with 20l per brew in the kitchen, quickly became bigger and the kitchen too small.
Meanwhile we produce 600-1200 liters/brew in our premises in Hagenbuch, Schönholzerswilen, TG.
Karin was infected by Bryan’s passion for beer and trained as a beer sommelier. She likes to share her passion for unusual food pairings and beer recipes with a wide audience..

Selected beers (5):

Pale Moon – Pale Ale – 4.3% Alc. Vol

A refreshing, light beer with a wonderful hop note. The Mosaic and Citra hops together create a tropical fruit bouquet.
Goes well with: Mexican food, salmon, soft cheeses and lemon sorbet.

Nolle – Lager – 5% Alc.Vol

A malt-accented, wonderfully light lager. Light color, fine pored foam, tangy and a little sweet, this beer helps wonderfully against thirst.

Hazy Old Man –  Hazy IPA – 6.3% Alc.Vol

A very fruity, hoppy ale with a slight bitterness on the finish. Brewed with Strata and Idaho Gem hops. Opaque and creamy, this beer is reminiscent of pink grapefruit juice.
Pairings: Seafood, fruit salad, cheese, with aperitif, dark chocolate and chili.

Dark Side – Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout – 7.4% Alc.Vol

A dark, strong beer that we brewed with chocolate and peanut butter.
Already in the nose you can detect aromas of peanut, then in the finish the chocolate notes come to the fore.
We drink this beer with:
White and blue cheese, strong spicy dishes and with dessert.

Razzberry – Summer Ale – 5.2% Alc.Vol

Already the color is reminiscent of raspberries. A harmonious balance between sweet and sour make this beer a wonderful refreshment.
Pair with: white cheese, dessert, light grills, salads and sunshine.