Swiss Brewery No. 746, Founded 2015


The foundation stone for the Oerlikon brewery was laid in 2015, when the first ideas emerged and the first brews were made. Over the next few years, the company moved into its current location on Schärenmoosstrasse, the brand took shape and a small range was created.

Things really took off in the summer of 2020 when Brauerei Oerlikon AG was founded. With share capital of 1 million and over 450 shareholders as a backbone, it was possible to invest in an automatic bottling plant and five jacket-cooled pressure tanks. The premises were also renovated and a taproom installed. Production started on the new equipment at the beginning of 2021 and the taproom opened in late spring after the lockdown was overcome.

Since January 2021, the Oerlikon brewery has been run by Jannis (store manager, admins guru and beer enthusiast) and Nicolas (master brewer, pharmacist and hops guru). At their side was the tireless volunteer Lucien (Lüss), the namesake of LucIPAn. With the opening of the taproom, a team of several bar staff was quickly added. In 2022, there was also an addition to the production team. Pippo started his brewing internship and has been supporting us as a brewer ever since. As soon as Pippo had completed his internship, Michi took over from him. Michi is now also an essential part of the brewing team. In 2023, Samira Gallo also joined the team in the office.

Selected beers:

1. Öhlsch 5.3% Alc.Vol

Öhlsch is the origin and the absolute classic. Quite in the style of a Kölsch, it is drinkable and fresh with a light fruity note. It has a lager-like character, but is top-fermented.

2. Pilsnör 4.9% Alc.Vol

Pilsnör impresses with its sweetness and slightly bitter note. Not only refreshing on hot summer days, but also thirst-quenching whenever you need it.

3. Alt-ÄSS-Brot 5.1% Alc.Vol

The Alt-ÄSS-Brot was created in collaboration with the ÄSS-Bar. Ten percent of the malt is replaced with hard bread, resulting in a malty, spicy, shimmering red Altbier and also preventing food waste.

4. Red Ale 4.1% Alc.Vol

Smooth, light red ale with a fruity sweetness reminiscent of strawberries. Conceived and brewed by the neo-brewers Pippo and Michi.

5. LucIPAn 4.5% Alc.Vol

LucIPAn is a refreshingly light session IPA with strong citrus aromas. The result of an accident, it has hit the market like a bomb. It is named after our tireless volunteer and friend Lucien. The perfect choice for a sunny day or anytime for a cozy session.



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